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Turn Around

As I was browsing my email’s personal folder, I found one email that is worth sharing, a statement that will make you turn around, turn negative into positive, here it goes;

“When you discover that you’re feeling negative, you have two choices. You can feel even more negative about the fact that you’re feeling negative, or you can choose to turn your thoughts around. When you’re suffered a defeat, you can make it even worse by beating yourself up about it. Or, you can use it as a positive inspiration to turn yourself around and move forward in a more effective way”

—-Ralph Marston–

I am an optimistic person, every time I feel negative feelings or thoughts are heading my way, I make sure to turn them into positive, being pessimistic won’t help you. Selecting between being optimistic to pessimistic which you can use as your an inspiration like some part of your defeat, I would probably would choose the latter too, it’s a way for us to learn, how would we know something is wrong if we will never experience it. Oh, and I am inconsistent. Okay, both are fine, you can either be positive and negative, just turn negative into positive, just turn around. The moment you realize you have strayed from the right path, use that realization as a clear and compelling signal. Use it as a signal that it’s time to re-commit to the original goal and get yourself back on track. Be it! Be optimistic at all time 🙂

Till then,