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The Most Influential Bloggers on My List

Wow, and my blog will be turning 2 this August! And the space of my host is almost full! I need to upgrade it. I wanted to maintain this for long.

Ooooopppps, before I write something else about my blog, let me first enumerate those writers or bloggers I like. There are many though, they’re ubiquitous! I’ve seen them on television, I’ve seen and read them on magz and newspaper, and most of all, I mingled them on some occasion, and oopps, I am working with her too!!

Bloggers have created a great impact on the society, they’re one of the media covering news about anything, even personal like mine. Bloggers help spreading what’s latest, be it locally or internationally. Every year, bloggers who made an exceptional impact are being recognized. This year, it is to be done again.

The Top 10 Influential Bloggers for me are:

1. Nomnom Club – love foods and the information that can get from their blog.

2. The Black Fedora Blog by Ryan Joson who happen to be an officemate of mine. We did not know each other, until I noticed that she also has the friendster ID lace which I know is exclusively for bloggers only, that made me asked her about it.

3. Recycle Bin of a Middle Child by AlexDizon, I’ve met the author in one of the bloggers’ event last February.

4. ATBP (Around the Buzz Primetime!) by Fjords Allego who is also one of the first bloggers I’ve met in Blog4Reviews Christmas Party.

5. The Epitome of Me by Dhina Lieva, the author of I Just Opine. And I almost forgot mine. Bits and pieces again about anything.

6. Fat Girl No More by Yapatoots one of the first bloggers I’ve met too. Blog is all abour dieting and help others to feel lighter.

7. When in Manila by Vince G. video blogging and anything about Manila of course.

8. Simply Rins by Rina Alcantara – a blog about nail art and art hehehe, cartoon. She is a cartoonist. One of the newest bloggers I have met, just last month. 🙂

9. Paolodome Edge a blog of a 17 year old free spirited guy with a different perspective and point of view in life.

10. Project 52 Weeks a video blog by Mica. Congrats, I’ve only seen this once but I think this is worth the recognition as this one is hard to organize and difficult to do. Kudos! 

 Good luck to all of the nominees, continue to emerge! Let us all do 🙂

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Looking forward to another year of blogger’s recognition, I hope mine will qualify which I am sure will not 🙂 I still love blogging anyway, and meeting new people.

Till then,