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For Some, Vacation Isn’t Over Yet

In our country, vacation is over, summer is over. However, to some part of the world it is just starting and every people of those nation is enjoying that time. It is their time to relax, time to acquaint with friends, spend quality time with their love ones and take the best respite they could have.

One of the famous summer activities being done every where is going to the beach and enjoying the sand, water and sunset. Others spend it in a week staying in a hotel and enjoying the rest of their days in the beach resort. Others just have it in a day or two and have chosen the country cottages to stay with. This is one of the cheapest ways of enjoying the beauty of nature. I myself do it, together with my friends. We prefer to rent a cottage when it is only for a night fun. We could easily chat and laugh where every one is around.

As I’ve heard, one of the Asian countries we have been last month is currently having their vacation, and that is the right time to grab having to enjoy all the available hours unwinding. We have this two to three months lax, (oh, to make it clear, school vacation) especially those students, time to enjoy this without books, pens and notebooks. Goodbye to our teachers first and hello fun, fun, fun 🙂 .Enjoy everyone!

Till then,