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Wanna Have This Too

I have been trying to make my blog look nicer and appealing by choosing the best web design or just editing my own stylesheet. A year ago, I was studying how to personally edit my blog, have my header edited including the fonts, colors and styles. I thought I’ll be needing the help of a web designer or a book which I saw from a bookstore but did not buy it. I thought it was hard though, i thought it really was so intricate that once you erroneously hit something, you will lose all the designs and worse, your data. And I vouched it was not that hard. A fellow blogger of mine taught me how to do it, from the uploading of the images of your header or logo and editing it inside the stylesheet. Then, from it, I have learned to edit the font’s styles and colors, the background and theme of my blog.

I am now planning to change the whole theme of this blog, unfortunately some of the widgets of my current theme cannot be integrated with the new one I have tried, I need to study it fully. I tried uploading creative themes inside my panel, unfortunately, I was unsuccessful doing so, I did not know why, perhaps, I have not enough disk space to do it, I really need to acquire or upgrade the memory space. This will be turning 2 this August, imagine how long, and I still have a low disk space. As of now, it is almost full, it’s red which should have been green. Tsk, tsk…

I have been blogging for two years now, wohooo 🙂 , and I look up to my fellow bloggers who emerge and became successful in this craft. Wanna live with this and help spread the world the good news.

Till then