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Calling the Civil Service Commission Office

I received an alarming message from a friend of mine regarding the certificate issued to him by the Sta. Cruz Civil Service office. The issued certificate seemed to have an erasure on the signature portion. The owner of the certificate thought someone signed in, changed his name and then scanned it, this is possible, if that person wishes to enter into a job requiring a civil service certification yet he or she was unable to pass, he or she may use other certificate. This is another kind of corruption and falsification of public documents and this worth a punishment.

I also took my civil service professional exam at Sta. Cruz last November 2003, I received my certificate clean and free of any alteration. Sadly now that it is different, other uses this to illegally venture into something. We took the difficult exam in more than four hours, we spent time going to and from the municipality office to submit the requirements, we woke up early to go to the Sta. Cruz to take the exam, and  then only one of many person use the certificate without sacrificing and exerting any effort? Just some ink to sign on other’s certificate! This is too bad.

Civil service certification is required to those individuals or college graduates in joining any government offices. Without this, you will have difficulty joining in, so better have one, not by falsificating other’s certificate, but by having your own.

This is a warning to everyone, take a deeper look at your certificate, scrutinize it first and ask them on some oblivious and doubtful alteration or anything before taking it away. Just some sort of reminder.

Till then,