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Introducing the Halal Certified Food Site..

Before I go into Halal certified food site, let me first say something what Halal means. Not all of us know what it is, honestly, I too did not know this :-). Halal is an Arabic word which basically means in conformity with the Sharia or Islamic law. Halal also means lawful or permitted. This basically pertains to permitted foods, and those not considered halal are the swine or pork and its by-products, animals improperly slaughtered or dead before slaughtering, animals killed in the name of anyone other than Allah, alcohol and intoxitants, carnivorous animals, birds of prey and land animals without external ears, blood and blood by-products and foods contaminated with any of the above products. As we may have noticed, eating requires extra care, watch what you eat.


With the foods I mentioned above, our brothers and sisters who only eat halal foods will be easily guided by using or reading the Halal food guide, this is also the reason why the Halal certified food site is created, to help our brothers and sisters determine what are the Halal foods and what are not. They may use and check out Halal products guide and they will never stray especially nowadays where there are many products in the market and sometimes unsure whether they are Halal or not. We may see it in the packaging, CERTIFIED HALAL, yet, are we really sure of it?

Halal certified food site consists of a list of Halal products and companies, these will help you easily determine what’s Halal and not.

Halal food products are safe, and indeed a healthy way to living. Long lives for all of us.

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