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Right at this moment, I am having a discussion about losing weight and I am not discussing this because I still want to lose a pound, she was just asking if I had rice during lunch today. She was thinking I am not taking any rice at all because of my frame, I am not emaciated though.  What can I share anyway? I am having my rice meal during lunch and shunning fast foods.

There are many articles or write ups about weight loss diets for women one may consider. Others suggest you to take diet pills or any diet supplement just wait and see for the result. Others try hard in exercising and going to the gym everyday to trim down. All of these are necessary to achieve a slimmer body, in fact, there is the Fast Weight Loss Diet website which gives tips and suggestions on how to quickly lose weight. This does not give you any harmful suggestions all you need is discipline and determination of being a fat girl/boy no more. It will be easy if you really are decided and determined to achieve a lighter you.

Why not start with our daily food intake, eat healthy, avoid fast foods, hmmmm, then be active. Being active makes us lighter, noticed when we were in our elementary days where we were running and monkeying around during break time, were you that fat? You weren’t right? It was because we were very active then. Take a look at us now, sitting in a swivel chair, working more than eight hours a day five times a week in front of our computer, or playing with our laptops, are we having our active movement? We cannot even do some brisk walking, we feel so lazy doing it, there is elevator anyway. A big difference, and now wonder why you have a pouch in the belly 🙁 , think, think, think.

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