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Why Blog Anyway

As I have said, my blog will be turning two on August 23, 2010, pretty obvious that I started blogging last 2008. With this simple hobby of mine, I met people from different events that made me enjoy more this craft. I also joined contests and won some prizes, from the Perstaym winning a cruise GC, The New ME winning beauty products and the latest bringing home an iPod. What more can I say why I blog? These are only few compare to some bloggers, I am just a dot compare to what they had received.

Alongside with this, there are some recognitions given to individuals like bloggers or developers, one of these is best web hosting awards. Best – best means among those indexed online, one has to be selected, only one prevails, only one is best. There many recognitions to cite, and I hope someday, I may be included to any one of them, even just a nominee, I will be very happy then.

Blogging becomes a career now for some, their whole day is dedicated to blogging or some other online activities. Mine is just a hobby, I am doing this for fun and i love it! Expressing my feeling and sharing my opinions, thoughts and sometimes rant are the things I write 🙂 blog now!

Till then,