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Ber Months! 2010 Second Trisem is Near!

Yes! I almost did it again I survived the first trimester of my graduate studies. And on September 18, that will be our last day, four more meetings and almost over! Honestly, it wasn’t easy as I have thought it. We struggled finding time to meet our classmates after work, do the research and case study, and also study lessons for our MID TERM. Yes, we did have Mid term in one of our subjects, doh, college? Yet fine, I think I have a good grade 🙂

Next enrollment for the second trimester of 2010 is slated on September 20-25, and classes will start on September 27 for weekdays students and October 2 for weekends. Take note, we only have a week of rest, only one Saturday of semestral break, how about that? I sound complaining… Hehehe, no I am not, and I shouldn’t anyway. In fact, I love this! It’s just that, sometimes, we cannot aver it, we want to study yet we feel happy when class is cancelled. Weird 🙁

More semesters to break, more Saturdays to spend my time in school, I wish I know someone who sell used books so that I don’t have to buy a new one in bookstore. Anyone out there?

Till then,