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Looking for an Extra Something

I met my friend few weeks ago and mentioned me about venturing into business and looking for extra income. She started thinking how to start her own business and be lucrative. It has been eight years since we graduated college and started our lives working in a corporate world. We are still working up to this time, and my friend thought she would not be as very good income earner unless she owns a business. While we were walking our way home, we bumped into a girl wearing an orange dress giving away club flyer, we got interested to what she gave us, sort of a start on how we can materialize our or her dream of having her own business (I must say we as I am also interested of managing my own business).

We are on our late 20s age now, days will come that we will be getting tired of our daily eight hour work five to six days a week, and we hope that when that time come, we sucessfully have owned our business. Our group can start one, we trust each other that well, those are my friends. I hope we can have our sosyo-negosyo someday 🙂

Till then,