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WaZz Upf?!?

Am i too lazy to go out and hear about anything, something about Tiaong Quezon?  Wehh, wake up dhynnes! I go home weekly, yet I rarely am hearing anything about my town, or, I am not that informed with what is happening around. Thanks to one of the social networking sites, it keeps me somehow informed. It was through that social networking site that I learned about our Mayor Action Man Dick Umali. I cannot tell the whole story or what had happened because I was not there. All I know is that, it happened in talipapa where our Mayor went for some action 🙂 someone took video of that and spread like fire in the web, posted in you tube and got viewed. Worst, this video was shown in XXX – one of the shows in ABS CBN, Mayor Dick Umali had been interviewed and explained what happened. Unfortunately, I did not see this show too, my brother did, he told us that it was shown on Monday, right after the hostage taking done by Mendoza.

We want Tiaong to be recognized in the Philippines, but not in the way like this. We want out town to be known as we have talented people like Katherine Loria, the 2008 WCOPA Grand Champion and who is making her singing career in Singapore. Tiaong where Ugu Bigyan came from and has made a name in pottery, and the Villa Escudero. Not enough though, I am sure there are many things worth recognition. Let us remember Tiaong who is making a name through the good citizens 🙂