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Let’s Go GREEn!

Can you picture how the world looks years back? Can you tell the differences between how the Earth looked before and after? There are triillions inhabitants on Earth, and everyone consumes many things that may affect how Earth will be. According to a story told me, God created Earth with green color, bountiful trees, mountains, as in the nature’s wonders were there. And as the years passed by and where more people are spending their lives here on Earth, these nature started abating. How can we turn back those times where air was fresh to breathe and where rivers were clean to swim with?

I remember I saw in a movie, people buy things using a paper instead of plastic. But look at us now, plastic, hand bags are used to carry our groceries. Why not try green shopping and use bags that are eco-friendly. In this way we can contribute with saving our mother Earth. I’ve seen a lot of malls offering green bags for shopping, these are reusable. It isn’t bad to try right?

Think for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Till then,