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BERific Months!

Sa may bahay, ang aming bati Merry Christmas na maluwalhati ang pag-ibig ang syang maghari  (I think I sang it wrong)

That was the first Christmas song I have heard this morning. I was watching Umagang Kay Ganda when a choir group sang the song. Whoa, it’s Christmas season already! I love ber months, seems time runs so fast when Berific months start. It’s the season of giving and loving, however, as I have written many times, this is not only the time where we should love each other and give something to others, it should be at all times.

I thought my Christmas would be fine and happy than before, yet, another challenge came in. This is not something to be left behind and ignored, this has something to do with my brother’s future. No one’s expected to help, but us. There was a moment that I thought about it so deeply and asked myself why? And then I realized it wouldn’t help me anyway. It’s just about finances or money, there are problems face by others worse than mine. I should be happy to face it, should be adamant and steadfast, that’s how we should face our challenges. Face them with a big smile in your face.

Be happy and enjoy berific months!

Till then,