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Almost Over and We Did it Again!

I thought yesterday would be one of the toughest days of our class, we were slated to have our defense in research. Our research “Outsourcing, Adopted by Philippine Airlines: Its Impact to Productivity and Personnel”. We we slated, and we had our defense, (akala nyo di kami natuloy no). Research was our 3rd subject and so we didn’t know how will we defend our problem, we were the third group to present and came our turn, we really thought we were going to be sauteed that much. Uh oh and it was just like a reporting, Dr. Pagaduan criticized our work, made some comments what to correct and to revise and submit it next week. Next week yey, it will be our last day, finals for this trimester, almost over and we did it!

I like the statement of one of my classmates, she shouted in fb “nairaraos ang bawat sabado pero HINDI. Hindi dapat ako makontentong ganun lang.. hindi nman ako pinilit pumunta dito, PINILI at ginusto ko to. ” I liked it, we were not forced to go to class every Saturday and attend our MBA class, we enrolled because wanted to gain more knowledge and for career development. I dreamed of taking MBA when I was in college, from then, I keep on telling myself, I will be taking MBA and I am the kind of person who never stop until I have it. And now I am into it, and I will have it till the end.

We will be going through a lot of sacrifices and perseverance, we still be taking it for long,more than six months. And we will be getting it! We will because it’s our dream, it is my dream, my long time dream.

Till then,