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The Bar

The bar examination is currently on-going in the Philippines. Traffic was witnessed when I was twice passing by Taft Avenue, there were streamers along the high way posted by various schools, showing support to their schoolmates who are and will be taking the bar examintations. There might be mentioning of Jones Act lawyer 🙂 One of my blogger friends wanted and still want to be a lawyer, it is not possible, I know she can make it, just pursue your dream and you can make it! Who knows, one of these days you are one of those bar examinees who will be supported by your school, and who knows too, that one of these days, your name will be seen everywhere as one of the bar passers, yey! Isn’t it nice?

The bar, not a liquor but an exam. I am not hoping to take one, I am not dreaming to be a lawyer, what a dream is to become a CPA. Can I?

Till then,