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The Best Thing in Life is to be Safe and Secured

We are all aware that nowadays, there are many unwanted happening around the world, I know I should not have mentioned this, but life sometimes seems too short that the word safe is sometimes forgotten. Safety and health are sometimes  being ignored, what others want is just to live their life without thinking whether what they do is safe or not, healthy or not . If this is so, i believe we should now start to own affordable health insurance to safeguard our lives and our health. This is one of the important investments we may have, expenses right, but come to think of it, compare the amount you spend paying for your health insurance to the amount you will spend when you get sick without having one? It is much expensive.

Whenever I accept any job, I make sure that the company has health insurance to offer to their employees. This is I think a must have, and I am lucky that my company has it. I even got two for my dependents. I am now not worried should I be striken by disease, no, not really. What I meant is, I am secured, hope you are too.

Till then,