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WeekLong BzzzzzzzzzzNess…

Oh Em Gee, after a week of almost restful days, here we are, taking our sleep late, so early in the morning, 2 o’clock, 3, or 4? I am not alone, my classmates do the same. And we must all be doing it, sacrifice, persevere, otherwise, our effots of going to class will be futile.

This coming Saturday is our last day for trimester and this is the reason of sleeping very late, lots of requirements to settle, cases to analyze and research to submit and review for our finals. It’s a nice thing I have no thick eye bags and so I don’t need to remove dark circles under eyes due to sleepless nights. Thanks thanks!

I am expressing my good luck to everyone of us, we can do it! It’s getting harder and harder, but we can make it until the end!

Till then,