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Break Time…

It was announced last week that our office finally will be having a break room where everyone can stay during break time and enjoy cup of coffee with some breads or just chatting. Of course what to expect inside are round tables, I think there are three round tables and chairs and a red sofa, might as well add oak office furniture, I think it will help make the break room look cozy and comfy.

The bonding of each team with its members makes it more tighter as they spend time together, be it during lunch or just having a wee time to chat, unwind and relax.  Our team does, we may not always together, but we are attached as a team. It is important right, teamwork is important, it makes work a lot easier and the environment as a great place to work with., less stress, less pressure…

In fairness to the persons I worked with previously, I would say, it was nice too, especially those persons at FPIP where I stayed for two and half years, the admin people were so close to me. I miss spending time with them, watching movies, playing badminton and having lunch at Tudings and dinner at Tita’s Lomi. Humble moments we have spent together, and I am missing them. I am sure I will be seeing you again friends!

Till then,