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I Love Sale!

No I don’t ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes I do! I love sale, it is the time where I can buy good quality products at cheaper prices. You just have to be good in searching and digging sales items, and sometimes, if it is a mall sale, you need to endure the number of people, bumping with them, as there really are lots of people grabbing the chance to buy sale items.

But this isn’t about sale alone, my idea is that, I love sales, being a salesperson! That is my primapry idea, I love the job they do, plus, the incentive they get, and the benefit of a car, yes, if the company is well enough, the provide cars to their salespersons. Actually, that is my main reason why I love being a sales person, to drive a car. I can’t imagine myself in the middle of the road, listening to my favorite cd and enjoyinh the view I am passing by. Hopefully, I can try sales jobsย and see the difference. I love commissions though! But being such is not an easy thing, to enable a sales person to receive commissions, she must be very excellent in making sale for the company, abd be able to attract more and more customers. She must have the convincing power, the articulate mind, the loquacious individual, an extrovert, in other words makapal ang mukha, I meant no bad saying that, think of it positively.

Maybe one day I will be a sales person – part time ๐Ÿ™‚

Till then,