living MBA

Oh My Compre!

Barely one year remains, the verdict will finally be gained. I am forseeing it now, I will be having difficulty preparing for our comprehensive examination which composes of Marketing, Human Behavior in Organization, Financial Management and Production Operations Management, all those four will be difficult to pass if Iwill not buy textbooks. Those are the only means to be able to have a good grade in that examination. I have not bought any of those yet, I borrowed Human Behavior Organization from one of my former officemates who also took masters in PLM. I had Marketing, Financial Management 1 and Production Operations Management 1, yet I do not have a textbook. Wondering how I manage to take those without textbooks? Thank you internet! Thank you for providing us the information needed same as what the textbooks contain. We do reporting, and I get my material from the internet. That’s how I managed my two terms.

I will be getting copies of those anyway, I badly needed them, otherwise, my grade will surely fail.

Till then,