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Ondoy – After a Year

A year had lapsed, we were all saddened by the aftermath brought by the typhoon Ondoy. Greater Manila area was affected, specifically part of Marikina. Many lives had been lost, yet many became heroes. The unity, the oneness of Filipinos was tested during this one of the worst incidents in our country. Many even died saving the lives of others.

I was in the province when the typhoon wrathfully hit Manila and the other parts of the country, Ondoy was not that strong in Tiaong Quezon, I even was surfing the net during that time. I made a post about it.

How fortunate of us that we had not experienced Ondoy again, and we do hope that as the year ends, no more strong typhoons like Ondoy hits us. I cannot imagine the devastation it may cause “again”, hopefully no more. God is always with us anyway, just pray and we will be saved.

Till then,