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Richie Rich

I was watching television the other day with my room mates. I forgot the title of the telenovela, it was about a father and mother who had lost their son due to an accident. And then they found him, he, the father found him in Noah mountain. The mother has another son who plays football. The scene was, the three reunited in the hospital (long story I need to curtail it), the mother was supposed to watch her other son’s play, unfortunately, she forgot the game because she was at the hospital crying as she learned that her son is alive. The other son was waiting for her, but still he continued the play, what if the mother comes late? Its best to give him football gifts so he never gets mad. And I was not able to watch the next scene after hehe…

 I wish I am a good story teller, but I am not 🙁 I always cut it short losing the sense of the story, my bad.

Till then,