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I was born with many challenges around and I always wanted to make pagbabago from those challenges. The story I am about to tell is the story of my life, I know this is not a Maalaala Mo Kaya, but I just wanted to share how pagbabago can be done and achieved with diligence, perseverance and faith in God.

My close friends know my story well, how I managed to live my life despite being destitute and penniless. Since I was young, I saw how my parents strived hard to earn for our living, but yet, their effort seemed futile. It was then that I started to bear in my mind that I will make a change in our family’s life. Studied elementary and high school, while helping my parents peddling banana que, puto and kutsinta. I even accompanied them looking for baging in the forest. We survived!

Came college days, I know my parents had no ability to send me to college, but I did not lose hope, I tried to take a scholarship in Canossa College, and God is so great that He helped me passed. I got a chance to study college, and in exchange of the scholarship I was receiving, I served as a Student Assistant in our library. The scholarship did not cover my allowance, and it was the hardest part that I faced. Everyday, I only had P20.00 in my pocket and bagful of butse, palitaw and yema which I sold to my classmates so I can have money for my food, for my fare and money to buy ingredients for those kakanin the next days. I thanked my classmates for buying foods from me, if not, I will go home walking 🙁  I had to woke up very early to help  inay cook kakanin. After schooling, I also had to help inay, selling ihaw-ihaw. Tired? No.. I did not get weary because I know, through those sacrifices, I will surely achieve my dreams of making pagbabago in my family. Luckily, when I was in my second year, I became the tutor of four elementary students, this eked much on my finances, I even handed some to my parents. I stopped selling kakanin, I continued to be a tutor until I graduated.

The sacrifices I have gone through during my elementary, high school and college days became my inspiration and to many. After college, I worked in several companies, and I can say that I made pagbabago in our lives as I enjoy working in those companies. I thrived harder to help my family, and I did not fail.

Here’s where we lived for 27 years. That photo of our old home inspired me to achieve pagbabago.



And this is where we at now. I may not have given them the best, but I know, I have made a pagbabago that my family deserves.


My point here is, we can all make a difference, we can all make a change, not only for our family but for our country, if we do things right, from the heart, and if we have faith in God.

I was born poor, yet, I did not think of it as a weakness, it became my inspiration to fight and thrive until I felt that I brought pagbabago in my family, and I still am making a change. I know others can do it too. Many of us are like me and I know you too can make a difference. Pagbabago starts in oneself, no one can do it for you but you.

We can make pagbabago, just like how Goldilocks does… Now I can bring home goodies from Goldilocks 🙂


Till then,