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Time to Pass Law School Admission Test..

It’s bar exam time here in the country, and there are lots of students from different universities and colleges supporting their schoolmates who are taking the said examination. Full support are given, as we all know, it is not that easy taking that examination. And I must agree, they are all bright, intelligent, smart, diligent, and anything that summarize a lawyer. Never did I imagine being one, I only imagined being a CPA but not a laywer 🙂

Relative to that, I know it is also difficult taking the entrance examination for lawyer or LSAT which specifically means Law School Admissions Test. The LSAT is a standardized test designed to access logical and verbal reasoning skills. It is used by law school admissions offices to help evaluate applicants. It is consists of three sections: Analytical Reasoning or Logic Games, Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension.  Before taking LSAT, and in order to pass the said admission test, it is better to take some review or have some LSAT study guide. You don’t want to waste your time taking LSAT and not pass, don’t you? Better have lsat prep first.

Till then,