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The Sporty Me

I am a varsity player, I play volleyball well, I play badminton well, and I dribble basketball excellent! That’s how athletic and sporty I am! Whoa! It’s easy to imagine that I play those sports well, and receive some sports trophies in competition, but all those are just some sort of wishful activity of my playful mind 🙂 but I do love those sports though, I just have not enough time to play them. Yet I play badminton rarely.

I remember when I was in my third year high school, I tried out in one of the games in our school, the softball, I luckily passed, yet had no chance to play hehehe… I just had a sunburn.. (hmmmm, I just wondered why I wasn’t able to play?) Anyway, it was a tough game so I am thankful that I was not able to play.

For now,  I am enjoying badminton, though haven’t played it lately, good for your health, great for your body.

Till then,