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October First TwentyTen

First day of October.. and my first post for this month. Actually, I have nothing in my mind today, just thought I need to write something about anything.

So many things happened to me this year, and I can say that those were all good, though some little bad can’t be shunned, but still I am very thankful for the things I have now and for the blessings I received from Him, countless blessings to be thankful with.

Besides that, there are more to happen and to look forward too. I am readying myself to what might happen from this day onward. I know He will not let me down, He will always be beside me to help me become stronger.

Countdown, I will perform my job well, I will finish my MBA, I will be good and earn more in blogging, be with my family at weekend and special occassions, have time to meet friends, and of course wait for my bhe until he comes on April 🙁 and less topak towards him. I’ve been very insensitive lately, ruefully wanted to say that it’s a girl thing. And I thank him for being so understanding and patient and for loving me despite all my shortcomings. Just remember, I love you mwah mwah (hearts)..

Three more months and it’s Christmas, an important month for my family, it’s my brother’s wedding month, and one thing that I must be prepared of.

Let us all feel how blessed we are and be thankful for all those blessings from Him. Thank you Lord for the wonderful life you bestowed me.

Till then,