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Happy Teacher’s Day

It’s time to thank our teachers for all the learnings and teachings they etched in our mind and especially in our hearts. They played very momentous part in our lives, and one of the reasons why we are where we are at. I personally am very thankful to them, who incessantly and untiringly dedicated their time in school to teach.

Elementary days, teachers who left special memories to me, Mrs. Rhodora R. Elisan, our teacher when we were in grade 2 – beautiful, kind and very friendly, she’s not in CES now, and I do not know where she is assigned now, and I want to extend my deepest gratitude for teaching us well, Ms. Paderes, Ms. Marivic Ybardolaza, M’ de Luna (rich!, strict yet kind, I will never forget the time that I had to squat for doing my assignment incomplete, shame!), M’ Jane Garcia, M’ Oblefias and most of all our teacher when we were in 6th grade, M’ Nancy Dimasupil Magtibay, she had done many things to us, I learned a lot from her, she was my coach, my mentor and friend.

Here’s high school, special mention to Ma’am Lily Villapando, Ma’am Asuncion Macaraig, Ma’am Carmencita Landicho, Ma’am Lily Andal (the petite one), Ma’am Elizabeth de Villa, Ma’am Lacerna, Ma’am Aguila, Sir Binay, Sir Landicho, Ma’am Migullas, Ma’am Betty Garcia, Ma’am Sol Garcia, Sir Rivano, Ma’am Fidela Welgas, M’am Anariza P. Ayangco, Ma’am Neriz Landico, Ma’am Pagcaliwagan, Ma’am Melody Sanchez, Ma’am Verain, Ma’am Espiritu, Ma’am de Guiño, Ma’am Lily Andal-laki, Sir Limbo, Sir Vice Tom Ilao, Sir Luces and finally, Ma’am Melody Sanchez. Those were my teachers in high school, but of course, I want to thank all LNHS teachers for having the patience teaching us their students and honing our skills.

Came college, thenk you (ahaha, i don’t want to edit my thank spelled as thank here) Ms. Belen, Ms. Ortega, Ms. Diaz, Sir Alanguilan, Ms. Claire Neri, Ms. Anenias, Sir Anenias, Ms. Jo Paet, Ms. Banayo (memory, please bear with me, give me the names please…) our PE instructor and instructress.

And lastly to my professors in my graduate degree, Dr. Asuncion Esmero, Sir Albert dela Cruz, Sir. DecScie, Sir John DiBautista, Dr. Pagaduan, Sir Luis Trinidad and Sir Apodaca. Thank you thank you for etching more in our minds.

Happy teacher’s day to all, we appreciate all the things you’ve done for us, you truly are our heroes, devoting your time in school, developing the student’s skills and mind and making a change in our lives. We learned a lot from you, we are very grateful that we all have you. Being in your shoe is not a facile task, and we admire you for doing such an excellent job! God bless all the teachers! and our sincerest thanks teacher! 🙂

Like what Bry says, let us all be teachers in our own little ways, let us instill and inculcate what our teachers had given us. Anyone and everyone can be a teacher though.

Till then,