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Missing My Cutie, Goody, Funny High School Friends

It’s been twelve years and half since we separated, we’ve got few communication since then. And I so much miss my high school friends. Each of us has our own lives now, taking different paths and hoping to meet across the ways. As I am reminiscing our old days and young moments, I found these pictures from one of my best friend’s photo albums, I have copies of these too, kept in photo album at home. Look at those innocent looking gals, funnly looks of us during high school, can’t stop my smile while watching these old photos of us, doning our old-fashioned attires 🙂



This was taken when we were in our 2nd year high, celebration of Makiss’ birthday where we threw simple surprises that made her cry, and the venue, the unforgettable DJ Resort of Tiaong, Quezon.


And this one was during the Junior Senior Night year 1998, excited to attend a night party, I think this was our first school night party.

For me, high school days are the most unforgettable. Days where swimming, lupakan, house visiting, playing and get together took place. Anywhere you go, whatever the craft we are involve in now, memories of my high school friends still remain and forever will.

We are taking different paths now, and as I’ve said, hope to meet across someday. Others have their own families now and living happily with them, some are enjoying the singlehood like me. I surmise we’ll be seeing each other very soon, and we’ll have many things and stories to share with. Can’t wait for that time.

I have lots of high school friends, not in those pictures I showed, and I thank them for being part of my life, especially the IV-Rose Batch 1998, you know who you are. Time makes us even more closer and closer. Be safe always and God bless us.

Till then,