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Nobody Knows

We can make it through Him, we can make stand steadfast if we have faith in Him, everything will be okay because we have Him. Year 2010 is soon to end and I thought everything will turn out okay though petty prob protrudes, we can’t shun it anyway. Nobody knows what’s the reason behind all those. And nowadays card giving is left behind, with the invasion of modern technology where the big E always shows, e-cards, electronic transmission of greetings, e-mail, the traditional christmas card giving is almost forgotten. Even me, I seldom buy one I prefer the faster and modern. But given the opportunity to choose between modern and traditional at this moment, I would rather choose the old way, messages are written deep inside from the heart and sometimes have hard time composing and perfecting the message. It’s more thoughtful isn’t it? Let me think, when was the last time I sent christmas card? I can’t remember now 🙁

Forget about the serious side of this, let us make the remaining days of 2010 jolly and bountiful. Whatever problems and blunders you encounter, take time to spend these days momentously, especially this Christmas season. I remember when computer and internet are not born yet, Christmas cards are the famous gift given by someone to everyone as an expression of their thoughts and love.

Merry Christmas everyone, face anything with head held up high and with faith in Him, faith that He will never leave us.

Till then,