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Trials Never Stop

If you find yourself complaining about the trials, problems and issues you encounter, stop, think and close your eyes, imagine how Christ suffered His life to save us. He did not complain, what He wanted was to save the Earth and His people. Considering this, do we have the right to complain now? In one of my friend’s posts last night “Happiness is always a choice” there was this comment from her friend that I liked “indeed it is” was the first comment, and followed by “whenever I find myslef at the brink of complaining or at the brink of despair, I look at the cross and remember that Jesus has conquered it all for us already…that in the Christ we are victors…and so I am compelled to count my blessings (which has become countless) and then I feel better and become happy again“, her comment is an effective way of turning whatever solitude we have now, just think of what He had done for us, and the happiness will be on your way.

I sometimes felt helpless when I think of the trials I have now, but then, suddenly, I thought it will bring no help when I always feel that way, and suddenly it turned around, I feel lighter now and always think that God will always be there for me and for us, that He has the reasons for giving me all these, I should be adamant at all times for my love ones. They get their strength from me and hence not to be freeble because they will feel the same too, I would perhaps need to take vitamins to better take care of myself huh?

Mine are not much burden compare to others, and I am very thankful for that, it really conveys He loves us much. We are in His hands 🙂 lift them up to Him and do your best.

Problems never stop, if they do, it means you’re gone, would you like to wish problems to go away from you now? I bet not!

Till then,