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Life’s Worth Treasuring

I had a hard time blogging last week, my last post was October 15, and today is October 21, 2010. Must have been very busy with something, yeah, correct, I was busy for a week. I  really was occupied and worried. Fortunately, I made it! I overcame it. You might not believe me, but I lose weight because of that (haven’t had me weighed but I can feel it). I did not intend it to happen, nor wished to have an effective weight loss program, I don’t need it though, modesty aside 🙂

After a day of wondrous meeting with friends Jen and Wayne, here came a busy week, taxes to file and pay and classes to attend. I missed a day of class, that made me confused what subjects I am taking. (we started our class October 2, not formal yet, and I was absent October 9) it was as if, my first day of second term huh! Third day of class, I was present, a reporter on Financial Management 2 and I had to be there. Excitingly went home aftertwards. Everything that followed were unexpected, sad moments in other words, made me realize that life’s worth living and treasuring.

The week after my wondrous day with friends was sad, and fortunately, I was able, we were able to survive it. Another test of life coped, another trials surpassed, many to face along the way. As much as I wanted to tell you in detail, I should rather keep it in my heart, be my inspiration and my strength to face more difficult trials. Note that life is not worth it if you will not do something to keep it alive, challenging and happy. Smile despite the trials.

Whoa, thanks God as always! I heart you much!

Till then,