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How to Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy?

My cousin just gave birth last July through normal delivery (awww, painful). She expected those stretch marks to appear and the bigger belly. Now, she is thinking how to bring back the normal tummy she used to have before getting pregnant, she thought there might be fastest way to lose belly fat program that she can try.

I advised her to try crunches first, it may be very time consuming and sometimes, she will feel lazy doing it, but, she should be able to discipline herself and be patient, soon she’ll have the belly she is dreaming of. Doing sit ups and crunches are the things I believe the effective ways to lose tummy fat, I have been doing them, I want ABS 🙂 Being a single lady, I have no exact idea how to lose those belly fats after pregnancy. Do you have a bright suggestions how? Please feel free to do so.

Till then,