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Barangay Election 2010

Eleksyon na naman, and we Filipinos will be selecting the candidates who we think would best help our barangay progress. We should not take this for granted, let’s take this election seriously. Let us vote those who’s desire and goal is to help the barangay, not to corrupt.  The development of our country starts at the very bottom of the society, and one of these is the barangay. Hence, whoever wins this election, they must think of the people’s welfare, not only themselves.

I will be going to the school tomorrow for a vote. Just this year, last May 10, 2010, my right as a Filipino was enjoyed, I voted for national election, and it will happen again tomorrow. My wish is just simple, I hope that whoever wins this election, may they find ways to help our road become concrete. We’ve been complaining this for long, yet until now, the road still is rocky, lubak-lubak. Hope this is one of their projects to complete, keeping my fingers crossed.

We hope to have a peaceful election tomorrow. The whole nation will be very busy, it is a non-working holiday, and we must be part of this. Vote wisely!

Till then,