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ILove Bora!

I remember last year, I was invited by my Advantek friends to go to Boracay because there were flight deals, the airline was having a promo and we wanted to grab it. Due to conflict in our schedules, we were not able to go by then. Wanting to visit Boracay remains a dream for me 🙂 and hoping that one day, I will be able to touch the fine white sand and enjoy swimming in its clear and clean sea water under the bright sun.

One of my Advantek friends went there last month, she made it! As proof, here she is enjoying the beautiful island of Boracay. Relaxing and forgetting all the worries she had, it was a time for her to unwind and clear her mind from any quandaries and qualms.


Boracay was voted by BMW Beach Handbok as one of the best beaches in the world, this was in 1990 and again in 1996 by British publication TV quick as the world’s number one tropical beach. It’s worth it 😎


photo from wiki


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