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Where Else Can You Find Green?

If I were to choose between city and province in terms of residing, I would choose the latter. Not because I live in the province, but because, I experience living both in the city and province, saw the difference between. It is due to the love of nature I have in me, I enjoy listening to the chirping of the birds, of the chicken, moo-ing of the cows, with the exception of the noise created by tree cutting using power saw, they may perhaps are using sharp band saw blades to cut those trees.

Where else can you find green but in the province, we have it! It’s silent, peaceful, and most of all, not polluted. City? well, yourself can answer it. But I am thankful that I earn a living in the city. I benefit from both 😎

Other people cannot live in the province for long, they cannot endure the silence, they’re bored. But it’s a perfect place for relaxation, you should visit one 🙂 or visit me in our place, it would be my pleasure.

Till then,