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Planning Your Future

I hate to say this, but I should. We have been spending our time planning for a better future, can we also take some time for funeral planning? Hate it right? We don’t want to leave our love ones this early, nor we  want them to cry, cry because of the expenses associated with funeral. We want them to cry because they love us because they don’t want us to leave them. Oh I really hate this topic 🙁 sad but that’s the truth, we’re all gonna die.

Dying isn’t cheap, this is why we need to plan for it, the way we insured and plan for our lives and health. Hehehe, as I am writing this post, I remember the topic of my classmates, the e-Burol and e-Libing 🙂 even the funeral is invaded by the internet, that was their research study, innovation!

I don’t want this thing to happen to anyone of us, just want you to remind, be prepared 🙂

Till then,