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The Winners Were Announced

Finally, after a week of waiting, the winners of a blog contest I’ve joined in were revealed, whatta prizes! The overall winner brought home an ipad! Cool, I was aiming that 😛 but I wasn’t even chosen as a category winner to bring home an iTouch,  ;-(  but I wasn’t feeling bad at all, though I aimed to bring home an iPad, I wasn’t expecting to win this contest. There were hundreds who joined in and all entries were nice, I bet, the organizer had a hard time judging and selecting who will be the overall winner to win an iPad.

I must say that joining this contest would mean a prize for me, I was able to share the biggest change that ever happened to me, and I know I got to inspire others with my story. It’s destined for me not to win perhaps 🙂 if I were, I will most likely be having problems looking and buying iPad accessories, and as miser as I am, I will be having difficulty with that 😛

I may not be the winner in that contest, but I feel I am, in my life.


my friends when they were in Utah and visited an iPad store 🙂

Till then,