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What I Used To

It was my first time….again, after a long time, to send a letter to someone light years away, and I almost forgot that I need an address stamp to paste in the envelope, haha. 😀 I should have taken photo of the stamp before sending it away.

We are in internet technology nowadays, it affects the way we used to have before. Consequently, it made our work a lot easier. Research (school or business), term papers, news, e-cards, name it and in just few clicks of your mouse, the answer will be in front of your face, in a matter of seconds. We are in our comfort zone where everything is instant, yet, can we at times, turn and look back, practice what we had before? It requires more time and effort, but in that we way, we learn a lot. It’s just like, studying accounting without calculator, where problems were solved manually using only pens and papers, your mind was sharper with computation wasn’t it? Just the same, we’re both benefited, from old and new. Now, new is, we’re computing and solving problems using microsoft excel 🙂 faster, yet our minds sometimes forget to analyze how it become such. It says that, we should not forget the old ways we had.

Till then,