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My First Accounting Job

After college graduation, I wished to land a job related to the course I took. Luck was really far at hand during that time, I hardly find an accounting job, it took me nine months before landing a job, not accounting but at least, administrative work. My first job was tough, it made me cry a lot, I wasn’t hesitant to show the loud cry, I know it was mortifying, but I couldn’t help it, I was loudly crying where everyone from Logistics, Production and Admin was around. It was the first time that I encountered the word PRESSURE. I wasn’t able to bore that honestly. And since I couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to leave the company after six months working as an Admin Assistant in KPPI at LISP 2. I got friends there though.

Luckily, a college friend informed me of an opening in a manufacturing company, a company that fabricates materials use for steel building. And that time, luck was at hand, I got the position as a Cost Accounting Staff, my first accounting job. I did my best to learn the cost accounting of the company especially that of the Forming Division (Skelp, Slitting and Forming and Painting). PhotobucketFrom coil (raw material) slitted to skelp to purlins, studs and tracks (need to set aside fabrication and doors and jambs division, I did not handle them). From the receipt of the coil until the delivery to customers. I am proud to say that RFC or Rapid Forming Corporation made my wish come true, I practiced doing accounting, the SCGMS or Statement of Cost of Goods Sold etc., and in RFC, I learned to utilize ERIC Accounting System. I must be thankful to the person who honed my knowledge then, Ms. Nida Dizon, she was strict, but I learned a lot from her. Given the chance to work again with her, I would not think twice, I will work again with her 🙂 that’s how RFC impacted my professional life. Just the same, I lasted there for one year and seven months, Ms. Nida allowed me to spread my wings and tried greener pasture. I got lot of friends in there too 🙂

And then I had four more accounting jobs subsequently. PRESSURE? It still exists.

Till then,