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The Best Part I Like

Quiet hard, I presently can’t find something to write 🙁 I have my title but don’t know how to start. I have an idea but don’t know how to express, it happened again haistttttt…. That’s why I had to start it this way, because I know, as I will be typing words, I will be completing a post that I know somehow will be giving sort of anything.

This is it, hopefully it ends well. What I wanted to say is, the best part I like in a wedding is the slideshow photo sharing about the newly weds. It tells the whole love story of the couple, how they started, their pictures together including the pre-nuptial photos. From those photo sharing itself, you may visualize the story behind even without naration. And among the wedding I have witnessed, two presented their photos and stories to the public (kilig) <3 <3 <3

And because I know people like it, I will most likely be sharing ours too 🙂 watch out!

Till then,