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I Achieved Gloria’s

I did not know where to take my lunch this day, my feet forced me to go to MOA and looked for something to eat. But what I had in my tastebud before I go to office is the arroz caldo sold in SM Hypermarket, I asked the saleslady if they still have one, to my dismay, nothing was left. And so I was craving for lugaw or arroz caldo or congee. I thought of chowking, perhaps I can find congee, oh my, as I forgot to press 2 in the elevator, I went on the groundfloor and headed my way to Hypermarket. I saw people standing in front of some foody store, I walked until I reaved the last store, and I found glory 🙂 I found my craving, I smiled hehehe, finally. I bought from Gloria’s goto with egg worth Php34.00 and pritong lumpia worth Php20.00, enough for my lunch. I didn’t mind consuming those standing even without coffee cups and saucers used. I will definitely be going back and buy another order of goto….

Till then,