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MarkMan Done

One of the toughest professors according to tittle-tattle around the school I’m currently attending with is our Marketing Management professor. Tough he is yes, but if you will be affected by those hearsays, you will feel unmotivated. I saw him smiling (we see it in his face), for three Saturdays that he was teaching, he never came to class jokeless, he has a sense of humor. But still, tough.

And so last Saturday, our group was the first reporter, we were group of three, and we discussed Marketing Intelligence System, Marketing Research Process and Marketing Deamnds. As we go along with the discussion, our professor mentioned about WebVisible, shared us that it is beneficial to a marketer more so to a business. We learned a lot during that day. I presented 16 powerpoint slides, sometimes stuttered and ran out of words to say, dreaded that I might be berated for doing such. What I just forgot was to study how to obtain the number of respondents, and by the way, mine was Marketing Research, I forgot to browse our Research book and study SLOVEN formula, what a question, “Do you know the formula how to get the number of respondents?”, and the next was silence. Lesson learned, next time, broaden your research, delve much about your topic 🙂

Good luck to the subsequent reporters, may we all get to use to how Sir teaches and comments on us, that way, we will learn to deal with tough people like him (ssssshhhhhhhh)

Till then,