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Would You Wish a Weight Loss

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of HCGdropsdirect. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hmmmm……. Let me think of it, do I need to wish for a weight loss? Whoa, I remember during one of the Health Consciousness Weeks in the previous company I had been, there was weighing and fat measurement, and guess what, for a 5’2” (petite!) I was underweight, with that, do I need to lose some? I can’t imagine myself as emaciated as Kim Chui. I can’t even blood-let because I did not reach the minimum required weight which is 50kgs, besides, I also am low in hemoglobin. I think I should wish for a weight gain 🙂 na ah ah, I’ll just maintain. I experienced the heavier me where I weighed 115lbs (oh and that’s 50kg), but I did not feel better, I was always catching my breath. But I trimmed down, I did not do any strenous activity, pressured from job made me lose weight (which I loved hehe).


I do not weigh as stout as you can imagine having bulging bellies, no not that, in fact, fats go into my face (chubby cheeks), that is why I don’t want to gain weight because if I do, expect my face to absorb all those fats and look like a ball, will cause me to have low self-esteem. I still have chubby cheeks, and this is what I wish to lose 🙂

If I were as big as the a lady weighing 200lbs and want to lose the excess 100lbs, that’s much to trim! yet, the feeling would be awesome. I will be the happiest person in the world if half of that weight will be gone, and if that is so, I will definitely buy all the clothes that were deprived of me. And of course, will be taking extra care and watch what will I eat so as not to gain again.

If you were like those who weigh much, you may want to try using HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, it is a glycoprotein that Dr. A.T.W. Simeons discovered. It is being offered by HCG Drops Direct to help patients shed pounds and inches when taken with a specialized diet. It helps metabolize fats allowing the body to burn the stored fat going straight to slimming down at 1-2 pounds per day.


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The HCG being sold is hemeopathic, meaning, HCG is produced by taking small amounts of the original strength HCG and making it into sub-lingual mixture which is administered under the tounge.The hemeopathic version is taken 3 times a day to keep the amount of HCG in the body constant. As I have said, if I were as heavy as a 200lbs, I will try HCG – the fastest way to lose weight without surgery, guaranteed!and will be sharing my HCG Testimonials to you guys.

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