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Let’s Get Showbiz… and the Thinner is….

This is my third try, I don’t know how to start this article again, I am running out of ideas, perhaps due to the noise outside, it pisses me much! The birthday celebration accompanied by videoke, grrrrrrr, singing out of tune out loud! Who wouldn’t get vexed with that? Shrugged, sighed!

Anyway, my post is just about Tony Gonzaga and Kim Chui, two famous artists, two thin actress. And I just want to see who is the thinner between them. Acting-wise, they’re both excellent, but Tony G. excels in other craft than Kim. Now, compare them below, who is the thinner?


And I had difficulty inserting their photos, will post later. By the way, Kim is getting thinner and thinner, does she take diet pills or just a result of being workaholic? She looks anorexic 🙁 Take care of your health Kim.

And that ends my post 🙂 Will sleep now.

Till then,