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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Working eight hours a day five times a week plus ten hours of class on Saturdays make me so busy that I even do not have time spare for my body for working out or exercising. We had some badminton session with ACS buddies before, but it rarely happens lately. I want to have a healthy lifestyle, make me more active, and so we decided (me and my roommate) to do jogging every morning, it will definitely turn us away from looking to diet pills that work should we become heavier. Can we make it?

I remember my Nikkoshi time, we had a yearly mountain climbing, it was hard but we felt good. I had it twice at Mt. Makulot. And I wanted to do it again, just do not know when 🙂



at Mt. Makulot w/ my brother                                             w/ NIPHCO peeps and Eisen

We should start maintaining a healthy lifestyle when we are still young, do not make it late, otherwise you will regret it. Doing an exercise alone can eke up maintaining a healthy one, so move, be active!

Till then,