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Lenovo G560 06794TU 15.6″ Notebook Weekly Deals at buy.com

I was dreaming to own a computer, first there was desktop where only DOS and Lotus were being taught in high school, I wasn’t that interested yet, what will I gain from those then? I remember Sir Tom P. Ilao our teacher kept on saying, “save! save”! when our computer class session was about to end, typing alphabet, numbers and bio-data, those were what we did.  Until came the use of internet, perhaps internet was there during the latter 90’s or early 2k ‘s, I just did not have some stuff to use surfing. Came flat screen, oh well, I only had that stout desktop utilized in my previous employers and what now, with my current job, I am utilizing 2 flat monitors 8)

My wish to own a personal computer never faded, til there is this laptop, so heavy to carry. I still aimed to have one, and then as time wanes, technology kept on developing more high tech, the notebooks came, then the netbooks, and I have the latter which I use in blogging.


screengrabbed from buy.com

And I still want a lenovo…… Lenovo G560 069794TU 15.6″, I need to see what’s in at buy.com, check out their weekly deals, it has a deal that will make me deal 🙂

Till then,