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I Got MyReward USB from Globe

“Thank you for loading Php40.00, load more and earn points, the more you load the more points you earn.”

That’s what I usually received after I have been loaded by Roshan P40.00 .I want e-load rather than card as I have free 20 pesos worth of text. After almost everyday of loading and my bill almost reached a thousand for one week, my Globe points reached 600 points, time for me to redeem the USB. That was last October 21m 2010, after I received an SMS from 4438 saying that thank you for loading, your earned points is now 606.xx, I immediately texted back REDEEM USB, gotcha! And after 25 days, I have the Imation 4GB USB now which I used in saving important files in school.

If you are unfamiliar yet with Globe Rewards, here are the keywords you can use;

1. Send BAL to 4438 for free points inquiry

2. Send ITEMS to 4438 for free list of rewards

3. Send GIMME to 4438 for GIMME Mechanics

4. Send REDEEM ITEM CODE (ex. REDEEM USB) to 4438 for free redemption

For redemption of USB, I provided my name, item to redeem and complete address to 4438, it sent me back a transaction number, and a confirmation message telling me that the item will be delivered to the address I sent after 20 days,viola, after 25 days, a courier man handed me the USB.


Globe users, keep on loading and you can have that usb too, or if you feel like unpatient earning 600 points (SM GC worth 500pesos can also be redeemed if you reached 600 points) you may avail sulitxt15 or unlitxt20 for accumulating 15 and 20 points respectively. Sorry for the postpaid subscribers as this promo is for prepaid Globe subscribers only.

SO start reloading more and accumulating your points! I’m lovin’ Globe!

Till then,