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How to Achieve the Wafu Look :)

They say, wear a smile and brightens someone else’s day. It’s true, and not only that, it will also make you look wafu 🙂 or handsome – for the males, so wear your best smile all the time, otherwise, you might need male enhancement cream to feel good, do you need that? I think not!

How to be more wafu? Eat well, be mindful of your digestive system, your digestive system will be lazy if you are lazy, be active! Have an active lifestyle, move your body, as I have mentioned in my post, exercise regularly or at least thrice a week, this will help you stabilize your weight of getting rid of weight fluctuations. Eat fruits and veggies. If you do this, this will result to an improved blood flow, an increased joint flexibility as well as improving your mindframe and most of all you will get to meed other active people like you! Interesting huh! So be wafu now and forever. And girls be beautiful, this post is not limited to males only, this is applicable for us too…… 8)

Till then,