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Loving Your Tummy

I didn’t have a normal breakfast, I just had a cup of coffee to awaken my sleeping mind. I seldom ate rice, I had pancit canton and rarely had dinner, I only had piece of bread, that was my routine when I was in college, made me dread that someday, something bad happens, and I don’t want it, nor doing the colon cleanser as a result of my unhealthy eating habit. Good thing I am not softdrink or soda lover, good thing I am not a junkie person. I want to live longer and I must be doing right thing and live healthily.


Guys, don’t be like me, eat healthy, don’t skip breakfast, have a full lunch intake, less at night. Exercise at least three times a week to have a healthy and fit body, strong immune system and far from acquiring illnesses. Move your body 🙂

Till then,