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I Wish I Have This

I have been wishing to have a DSLR of any type, as long as it’s DSLR 🙂 Because of its expensive price, until now, I don’t own one. I want it because of blogging, I do believe it’s an edge, capturing picture s amazingly, that’s what I want. DSLR price ranges from 20kpesos to 60kpesos, see how cheap they are! And I can’t afford huhu 🙁


Thanks to GE x5, finally, I have a chance to own one, it’s cheaper compare to pro-DSLR, it costs no more than 10k, and with the dollars I earned from blogging, I can buy one 🙂 I may use steiner binoculars to see things afar and shoot! It will be my gift for myself this Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone! Have a blessed and fruitful years ahead.

Till then,